Dr. Robert Selk

Dr. Robert Selk


Master of Laws (LL.M.)
Rechtsanwalt (attorney at law)
Specialist lawyer für IT law

+49 (0)89 28 72 46 50


Education/ Professional career

  • Law studies / legal clerkship: Munich, Los Angeles (USA) and Cape Town (South Africa
  • Doctorate in the field of data protection and Internet 
  • Postgraduate studies "European and International Business Law" (Degree: Master of Laws, LL.M. EUR
  • Certified specialist lawyer for information technology law
  • Attorney at law with SSH Rechtsanwälte since 2002

Lecture activity

Regular lecturing on topics of IT and data protection law


  • German Society for Law and Information Technology (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Recht und Informatik, DGRI)
  • German Association for the Protection of Industrial Property and Copyright (Vereinigung für gewerblichen Rechtsschutz und Urheberrecht, GRUR)
  • German Society for Data Protection and Data Security (Gesellschaft für Datenschutz und Datensicherheit, GDD)
  • German Data Protection Association (Deutsche Vereinigung für Datenschutz, DVD)
  • Professional Association of Data Protection Officers (Berufsverband der Datenschutzbeauftragten, BvD)
  • Working Group IT Law of the German Bar Association (DAV IT)

Other external activities

  • Activity as external data protection officer
  • Founder and co-owner of Toedt, Dr. Selk & Coll. GmbH (Software, Marketing & Data Protection)


1. Data Protection Law


  • Liability of the company owner or the managing director, in Datenschutz Praxis 10/2019
  • To what extent are employees liable for data protection violations?, in Datenschutz Praxis 08/2019
  • Is the works council its own data controller? in Datenschutz Praxis 11/2018
  • DGRI Opinion on the Draft Law to Strengthen Fair Competition, Dirk Heckmann/Sibylle Gierschmann/Robert Selk , in CR 11/2018
  • Is a new wave of warning letters looming from May 2018?, in Datenschutz Praxis 02/2018
  • Employee Data Protection under GDPR and DSAnpUG-EU, in Datenschutz Praxis 05/17, p. 17 ff
  • Review of Plath "Kommentar zum BDSG und zur DSGVO", in CR 2/2017, R 20
  • Project EU GDPR: Project ideas from a practical perspective and a 4-pillar model," PinG 2017, p. 38 ff.
  • EU GDPR: New requirements for consent?, DANA, 2/2016
  • Data protection law - reconciling law and technology, Anwaltsblatt Karriere, 1/2016
  • Data protection - Typical and current weak points in companies, Revisionspraxis, 3/2016
  • Data protection officer and works council, Datenschutz Praxis, 1/2016.
  • Customer data in companies and company groups, Festschrift Prof. Schneider, Erscheinung 01/14
  • Big Data - Was sagt das Datenschutzrecht?, Big Data - Challenge for the Hospitality Industry: 2nd Edition, 12/2013
  • Das Schicksal von SaaS- und ASP-Software in der Insolvenz des Anbieter, IT-Rechtsberater 07/2012
  • The new “Cookie Laws”: What's coming, what will, eCommerce Magazin, 07/2011
  • Data protection in the EU: taking a look at reality, Anw.Bl. 4/2011
  • The legal permissions part 1 - 5, Datenschutzpraxis 2009/2010
  • Data protection in corporate transactions, RDV 06/2009
  • Residual risk in travel agencies, Schwäbische Zeitung, No. 132, 12.06.09
  • Payback ruling "Curse or blessing?" E-Commerce-Magazin 02/2009
  • The data subject's request for information according to § 34 BDSG, Datenschutzpraxis 1/2009
  • Customer data in the hotel industry, RDV (Recht der Datenverarbeitung) 05/2008
  •  Information about job applicants, Datenschutzpraxis 7/2006
  • Peculiarities of the employment law position of a DPO, Datenschutzpraxis 5/2006
  • Data protection compliant "User Help Desk" systems, Data Protection Practice 4/2006
  • Police Requests for Information and Data Protection, Data Protection Practice 3/2006
  • Automated Online Applications, Data Protection Practice 06/2005
  • Danger from Data Protection, Der Hotelier, Issue 03/2005
  • Eavesdropping on Emails, Data Protection Practice 04/2005
  • BASEL II - Data Protection Requirements, Data Protection Practice 02/2005

Legal Books:

  • Permanent co-author of: Datenschutz Management Kompakt, Augsburg 2020
  • Co-author of: E-Mail Marketing und DSGVO: Even without consent possible!, Munich 07/2020, ISBN: 979-8656091107
  • Co-author in: Knyrim, Das neue Datenschutzrecht in Österreich und der EU, MANZ, Verlag Wien 2016, commentary on Art. 30 (records of processing activities)
  • Data Protection and Internet, Osnabrück 2003, ISBN 3-89959-035-X.


  • Co-author of Ehmann/Selmayr, EUDSGVO, commentary on Art. 88 GDPR, Munich 2017 / 2018

Legal Handbooks:

  • Co-author of Münchener Vertragshandbuch, 8. Auflage, Datenschutz-Hinweise, Munich 05/2020, Verlag C.H. Beck oHG
  • Co-author of Münchener Vertragshandbuch, 8. Auflage, Datenschutz-Einwilligung, Munich 05/2020, Verlag C.H. Beck oHG
  • Co-author of Münchener Vertragshandbuch, 8. Auflage, Joint Controller, Munich 05/2020, Verlag C.H. Beck oHG
  • Author of Information Security Management, Datenschutz in Betriebsvereinbarungen, Cologne 2019, TÜV Media GmbH / TÜV Rheinland Group
  • Forgó/Helfrich/Schneider, Betrieblicher Datenschutz, 3rd edition - Chapter 3. Datenschutz und Mitbestimmung, C.H. Beck Verlag 2018

Online Judgment Reviews (www.datenschutz-praxis.de)

  • Does a DPO have to review works council agreements? - 02/2016
  • Opt-out is possible after all? - 12/2009 – Void Declarations of Consent - 09/2009
  • Single-Opt-In or Double-Opt-In? - 08/2009 – Is online debt trading allowed? - 08/2009
  • On valid/void declarations of consent - 08/2009 – Even "opt-in" can be ineffective! - 07/2009 
  • Video surveillance - The latest decision of the BAG - 04/2009

2. IT law

  • Redeker (ed.): Handbook of IT Contracts, ISBN: 978-3-504-56008-9; Dr. Otto Schmidt KG Verlag, Cologne, 2018
  • Redeker (ed.): Handbook of IT Contracts, ISBN: 978-3-504-56008-9; Dr. Otto Schmidt KG Verlag, Cologne, 2017
  • ASP Contracts in Insolvency, IT Legal Advisor – Web Design Contracts in: Das gelbe Buch, Noerdlingen 2001
  • Domain names and German law in: Das gelbe Buch, Noerdlingen 2001